On a perfect summer day our team headed to the incredible Niagara-on-the-Lake where we sipped wine, captured content, and explored the beautiful experience our clients Trius Winery and Peller Estates have to offer. Talk about a work trip! The short hour drive out of Toronto still makes it feel like a distant getaway as you pull into the charming town and start to see the uninterrupted rows of grapevines. First stop – Trius Winery.

When we arrive at the truly breathtaking winery, we head straight to our lunch reservation at Trius Winery Restaurant. The restaurant’s carefully curated country cuisine was an experience in itself and fuelled us up for the day ahead. Here, we had our first sample of the Trius wine which was thoughtfully paired with each dish. You and up to 110 of your closest guests can too experience the impeccable service in a private dining setting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even if you are a small group, it is recommended to make a reservation. We highly recommend the sought-after #TheTriusTour, which blends world-class wines and out-of-this-world art installations. This tour will be sure to make your Instagram dreams come true, with a stop at the infamous floral wall which we guarantee you’ve come across on your Instagram feed. You can learn more about their tours and experiences here.

Next, we hit up Trius’ sister winery just down the road, Peller Estates. They also offer a variety of experiences to their guests which will be sure to keep you busy and entertained. They offer multiple dining options. The patios overlook the breathtaking estate and had us feeling like we had escaped to Europe. You must check out the igloo-like lounge, the 10 Below Icewine Lounge. Constructed out of a mammoth 13,607 kilos of ice and kept at a frosty 10º below zero (the ideal temperature for harvesting Icewine grapes). If any of us were feeling tired, this definitely woke us up! And we needed it as we had one stop left.

We couldn’t leave without stopping at the legendary Wayne Gretzky Estates. Enjoy your choice of wine, whiskey, spirits and more with a more casual sports bar feel. Their unique cocktails had us all happy! We highly recommend their 501 Rosé Margarita – it was a kin favourite! The fun continues at this estate with wine and whiskey tastings with a twist, interactive classes, and memorable means, and they even build a skating rink in the winter. If Trius is calling all of you and your girlfriends, Wayne Gretzy Estates is a great place to entertain the guys in your life.

Although we managed to fit all three stops into one day, we definitely recommend making a weekend out of it. Riverbend Inn is the perfect option as it is surrounded by its own 12-acre vineyard. There’s something for everyone between these Niagara spots and we hope you’ll add them to your summer bucket list!

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