External forces and technology disrupts. Our disciplines and delivery changes. What doesn’t change?

Our focus on relationships.

External forces and technology disrupts. Our disciplines and delivery changes. What doesn’t change?

Our focus on relationships.

We listen before we speak.
We think before we react.

Strategy is always foundational.

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Our Services


  • We will uncover everything from your brand’s origin story, to its values and mission, to opportunities left vacant by its competitors, to develop an integrated strategic plan that’s uniquely yours. Our strategic foundation will allow us to build awareness, credibility, and social proof that’s as consistent as it is powerful for your brand. This is all-encompassing of our journey together and where we start every story.

Social Media Management

  • We understand social media on a strategic level, with a focus on engagement and growth. We’re not here just to post, we’re here to drive results, and start the trend, not just join it. Whether you’re a new brand needing a launch strategy, or an existing one that needs a refresh, we have an award-winning team that brings your vision to life.

Media Relations

  • We specialize in creating press materials, pitching stories, and earning media coverage. Our relationships have resulted in millions of dollars of exposure for our brands, in outlets from Canada’s major television networks, to the New York Times, to endless magazines, blogs, radio programs, and podcasts.

Influencer & Brand Engagement

  • We get your product in the hands of influencers to build an authentic and meaningful relationship, then work together to develop content to expose your brand to their followers. We can also dream up collaborations between your brand and other like-minded businesses, resulting in activations that cover everything from giveaways to pop-up shops.

Digital Advertising

  • We run digital advertising campaigns to ensure we’re reaching your target consumers, supporting the growth of your sales, and increasing your following. Our team will help to identify areas of opportunity and conceptualize campaigns to drive conversions, awareness or engagement while optimizing the results to ensure you’re getting the most value out of our work together.

Visual Content Creation

  • We work alongside a network of experienced and diverse photographers, videographers, animators and graphic designers who understand our process and vision. Still images for media consumption, dynamic video clips for social content purposes, design for branded collateral – you name it, we can create it.

Experiential Event Planning

  • We conceptualize and produce impactful experiential events that connect your brand with targeted media, influencers, partners and consumers. With years of experience executing events from intimate to full-scale in size, we know how to create experiences that resonate with the right people.

Email Marketing & Design

  • We use thoughtful design and applications to get your story out on a consistent basis to your audience via email. Our storytellers will capture your audience to convert & connect further with your brand. Strategy is always at the forefront, guided by intentional goals to not only engage with your audience but grow it.


  • Looking to make a little magic on your website, spruce up your bio or elevate a blog post? We offer copywriting services for when you just can’t find the right words to tell your story. Hourly or retainer pricing structures available to suit the size of the project and your budget.

Our Promise

Dedicated service, flat rate pricing, proven results.

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