To get to work alongside a team of incredible women is truly an honour that I never have or will take for granted. Today and every day I want to celebrate them and the unique qualities each of them brings.

Georgia: Your kindness, empathy, and caring approach to leading your team and clients to success is so inspiring to watch. You embody our values and our ‘people-first approach’ in everything you do and I’m grateful to have you on this team. 

Claire: Your passion, drive, and dedication to your team and clients amaze me every day. Your hardwork and dedication never go unnoticed and it’s been an honour to watch you grow over the last 6+ years.

Riley: You bring so much positive energy, enthusiasm, and joy to our team. Your energy is infectious and you lift those around you up each and every day. It shows in how you connect with your team members, and also radiates through your work. 

Mattia: Your witty sense of humour, amazing attitude, and keen eye for trends is such a wonderful asset to our team. You’ve grown tremendously over the last two years and I’m excited to continue to watch you grow here at kin.

Marin: You’ve been such a wonderful addition to our team this past year. Your attention to detail and eagerness to learn are just some of the many reasons I see a very bright future for you. 

These women continue to amaze me day in and day out and what I’m most proud of is how they uplift and support each other every day. I’m thankful to have each one of them on our team.  

As we celebrate women today, it’s important to acknowledge that there’s still a long way to go to ensure an inclusive and equitable world for all. But if we work together, and celebrate everyone for who they are. Together we can #EmbraceEquity. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

– Pam

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